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Lockdowns are gone, but coronavirus is still there, PM Modi said (File)

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his seventh address to the nation since March, cautioned people against laxity in adhering to the coronavirus precautions. He said India’s coronavirus situation is better than other countries but people must not think that normalcy has returned. “Lockdowns are gone, but coronavirus is still there,” he said. 

Here are the top quotes of PM Modi’s address:

  1. To give our lives some momentum, and to keep our homes running, we are slowly venturing out again. Festivals are also upon us, but we must not forget that while the lockdown may have ended, the virus hasn’t. It is still very much a threat.
  2. We have tackled Covid to a large extent. Our recovery rate is among the highest in the world, the fatality rate is low. Out of every million, we have around 83 deaths. This, compared to other nations, which see around 600 deaths per million, is much better.
  3. Our health workers are doing a phenomenal service to the nation by taking care of citizens across the nation. But we too must do our bit.
  4. Recent videos show that people are becoming very lax with the precautions we take. Videos show that people are being irresponsible and not taking the steps advised to a very large extent. This cannot happen.
  5. Till the time we get a vaccine shot, we absolutely cannot be complacent about the pandemic. India is working on 2-3 vaccine candidates and we are trying our best to get a vaccine, as is the rest of the world. I want to let you know that once we get a vaccine, everyone will get it in a planned, phased and fast manner.

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